Dental Appliance Cleaning Solution

Soaking appliances for 4 minutes in Oral ProCare’s Dental Appliance Cleaning Solution will result in effective, clean results for all removable dental appliances, such as retainers, mouth guards, night guards, Invisalign, and dentures.

  • RESTORE AND PRESERVE: Restore and preserve the quality of your removable dental appliances by utilizing the Oral ProCare cleaning solution. With use, users will notice immediate oral hygiene and aesthetic improvement.

  • PREVENTS PLAQUE BUILD-UP: This cleanser helps remove calcium deposits and prevents the return of stains and plaque following use.

  • NON-CORROSIVE: Safe and effective for all removable dental appliances, the cleanser is non-corrosive to full metal denture parts, partials, orthodontic retainers, metal clasps, soft liners, and any other removable dental appliance.

  • USE FOR UP TO 96 CLEANINGS: An 8 oz. bottle can be used for up to 96 cleanings to maintain cleanliness and freshness for both your smile and removable dental appliances.


Rinse and brush dental appliance to remove any loose particles

Combine cleaning solution with water and mix in a soaking container

Allow dental appliance to soak in solution for a minimum of 4 minutes

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